John H.

There is no doubt in my mind that Dr. Towfigh is one of the top hernia surgeons anywhere.  She sets herself apart from her peers in that she constantly is working to improve patient outcomes from hernia surgery .  She stays abreast of the very latest research and surgery methodologies, and understands that hernia repairs are not one-size-fits-all affairs.  On top of that she is a thoughtful and friendly individual who truly cares about her patients and who, despite being a world-class specialist, actually listens to her patients.  When I first came to Doctor Towfigh, I was in a desperate place.  Five months earlier, I had had hernia surgery performed by an egotistical  “I never make mistakes” doc and was experiencing significant, debilitating, chronic groin pain.  Doctor Towfigh performed complex mesh removal surgery which really helped some of my symptoms, but didn’t completely solve one particularly vexing pain problem.  Dr. Towfigh continued to listen to what I was feeling and determined that that one of my nerves was damaged.  She isolated the nerve that she felt was the culprit and gave me an injection into the area.  I immediately felt significant relief and am way better off then when I first came to her office.  Speaking of her office, I was impressed by the professionalism and good nature of all of Dr. Towfigh’s staff members who always greeted me with a smile and were very attentive to my needs.  When you are in chronic pain, you want to know you are in good hands and surrounded by a competent caring team.  That’s what I received at the Beverly Hills Hernia Center.

Shirin Towfigh

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