Hernia Surgery Performed with da Vinci Robotic Assistance

Dr. Shirin Towfigh of the Beverly Hills Hernia Center has been an acknowledged leader in the use of the very latest in laparoscopic surgery for some time. Now, she has had added hernia surgery performed with da Vinci robotic assistance to her repertoire as part of her drive to reduce pain and post-surgical recovery time in her patients. Thanks to years of breakthroughs, hernia surgery performed with the da Vinci robotic assistance is becoming more and more common. Dr. Towfigh has seen truly impressive results using this leading edge robotic device, including less post-surgical pain because of smaller incisions and reduced impact on the body during surgery.

Repairing Hernias with the da Vinci Robotic Assistance

When many people think of robotics in surgery, they may imagine a fully automated device that allows the surgeon to step out of the picture. This isn’t the case. In fact, the surgeon still performs every action – it’s just that she’s now assisted by technology that allows for a greater level of precision than ever before. In fact, Da Vinci robotic assistance has proven itself repeatedly as an outstanding surgical tool for all types of hernia repair, from abdominal wall hernias to complex hernias.

One of the specific benefits of da Vinci technology involves using surgical mesh to treat hernias. Many hernia surgeons have used laparoscopic techniques for years because the device allows smaller incisions, allowing for faster recovery time for patients and less chance of an incisional hernia forming post-surgery. The choice to implant hernia surgical mesh, however, can require a larger incision and a more lengthy operation using traditional methods. The mesh must be attached using sutures or a special device. However, with da Vinci robotic assistance, mesh devices can be implanted with great care, using stitches rather than larger sutures, because the incisions are even smaller than in laparoscopic surgery. In spite of the smaller surgical tools, doctors have found that the da Vinci surgical robot allows them greater flexibility to maneuver within the patient’s body.

Overall, da Vinci allows for less surgical impact on the body, so post-surgical pain is greatly reduced and recovery occurs more quickly. The system can also prevent or reduce potential chronic hernia pain, which can occur in some rare cases involving surgical mesh. Because the mesh is attached with smaller stitches, it will also cause less wear on internal organs.

Beverly Hills Hernia Center is the Best Choice for Hernia Repair

Dr. Shirin Towfigh is the foremost specialist in abdominal wall hernia repair on the West Coast. She treats most types of hernias, including the most difficult and serious types of abdominal wall hernias. She also specializes in diagnosing and treating hernias in women, which can too often be attributed to other causes, before becoming severe enough to necessitate surgery. Contact Dr. Towfigh today for the highest level of hernia treatment in Southern California.