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What is a Hernia?

It might sound like a rather obvious question, but even as the Western United States' only surgeon whose work focuses solely on abdominal wall hernias, Shirin Towfigh, M.D., F.A.C.S. of the Beverly Hills Hernia Center, often speaks to people who are uncertain about what a hernia actually is. The fact of the matter is that, to people who have never experienced one before, the answer to the question "what is a hernia?" may be anything but obvious.

So, what is a hernia, exactly? It is a sort of a hole through which organs, fat, and intestines can push through; however, different types of hernias involve different types of bulges. Though there are many types of hernias, Dr. Towfigh is mainly concerned with those that go through muscle and fascia (fibrous tissue) usually referred to as abdominal wall hernias. Hernia symptoms may also vary greatly – some hernias may be very painful, while others may involve little discomfort.

meshoma-02-hernia-complicationsMany holes that may appear in various parts of the body are not actually hernias. However, if naturally occurring holes get bigger, and thus entrap organs, fat, intestines, and/or cause pain, they become hernias that require medical attention. Not all hernias are obvious, however. In particular, cases of painful hernia in women are often misdiagnosed by doctors who are not specialists. Dr. Towfigh has attracted national attention for her ability to diagnose and treat difficult-to-spot hernias. She has also achieved great success with sports hernia treatment for both women and men.

Who is most likely to suffer from a hernia?

a) People born with a hole that should have closed after birth but did not (e.g., at the belly button or in the groin)

b) People who are genetically inclined to develop a hernia; in other words, others in the patients' family have had hernias in the past.

c) People whose lifestyle makes them more vulnerable to a hernia. Excessive weight, smoking, low fiber diet/tendency to constipation, and smoking can all greatly increase your risk of a hernia.

d) People who have surgery on their abdomen or torso and the post-surgical closure of the muscle and fascia did not hold

e) People who have any combination of the above factors in their lives.

For more complete information, please see our risk factors page.

What to do if you think you may suffer from a hernia

Even types of hernias that do not cause significant discomfort require the involvement of skilled and knowledgeable medical professionals. Dr. Shirin Towfigh and the outstanding medical staff of her Beverly Hills Hernia Center are the leading resource for diagnosis and hernia treatment Los Angeles patients and people from around the world trust.

Whether you are dealing with a new hernia, a recurrent hernia, or are not sure but suspect that pain and/or bulging may be hernia-related, consulting a top medical professional like Dr. Towfigh is your best course of action. While some hernias can be treated entirely with more conservative approaches, a hernia operation may well be required. Dr. Towfigh is a nationally expected authority on minimally invasive laparoscopic surgeries and the expert on hernia surgery Los Angeles medical observers praise most often.

To learn more about what the answer to the question "What is a hernia?" means in your case, specifically, the first thing you should do is contact the Beverly Hills Hernia Center and Dr. Towfigh at 310-358-5020n or visit our contact page.

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