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Hernia Symptoms

patient in pain from herniaIf you are suffering from apparent symptoms of a hernia, Dr. Shirin Towfigh of the Beverly Hills Hernia Center is the only surgeon in the Western United States whose work focuses exclusively on hernias, and she is here to help. First, she will determine a diagnosis of a hernia where appropriate, and then she will treat the root causes of your hernia pain and other symptoms. Firstly, however, patients who are experiencing unfamiliar symptoms may not be sure whether a hernia is the problem.

So, what does a hernia generally feel like? It may not be pleasant, though hernia symptoms vary from patient to patient. Many patients do not experience pain; rather they simply see or feel a bulge at or near the belly button. In the case of a groin hernia, the bulge can appear at the groin crease, near the scrotum or labia. Rarely, hernias can also occur on the sides of the lower abdomen or on either side of the back. If you have had an incision for any type of surgery in the abdomen, pelvis, or flank, then a hernia bulge may occur there as well.

If you find this type of bulge, try to push in the bulge. If it easily pushes in and you don’t have pain, then your condition is not alarming. However, if you can no longer push it in at all or it causes much pain to do so, then you urgently need to see a physician.

Often, unfortunately, patients do feel hernia pain to varying degrees. Frequently, this is associated with a bulge. If there is pain due to a hernia, but without a bulge, then we refer to these as “occult” or “hidden” hernias. The pain may be sharp, shooting, stabbing, dull, aching, electrical, tingling, or feel like a “hot poker.” The pain may radiate down the leg, around the back, up the abdomen, into the testicle or vagina. It never radiates down the buttocks or below the level of the knee.


Dealing With and Treating a Hernia

Certain activities tend to make hernia symptoms worse. These may include prolonged standing, prolonged sitting, coughing, laughing, sneezing, straining during a bowel movement, sexual intercourse, getting in and out of a car or bed, bending forward, or crossing legs. The pain or discomfort may get worse as the day goes by and may completely resolve when lying flat. Some women feel more pain from their hernia during their menstrual period.

In any case, treatment for hernias should not be delayed. The Beverly Hills Hernia Center is renowned as the clinic for treatment and hernia surgery Los Angeles area residents turn to first. Dr. Shirin Towfigh is a leader in the treatment of Hernia symptoms in men and women and has often successfully diagnosed and treated people whose cases were misdiagnosed by other physicians. She is ready to meet with any patient to discuss all the treatment options: from exercise, to minimally invasive surgeries to insert hernia mesh where it is needed to hold internal muscles and organs in place. A widely respected board certified general surgeon, Dr. Towfigh teaches at some of the most prestigious medical schools and surgical residencies on the West Coast and is an acknowledged expert on hernias in women and men.

For further information, please call 310-358-5020 or visit Beverly Hills Hernia Center contact page. Dr. Towfigh and her outstanding staff look forward to hearing from you.

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