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Hernia Surgery Complications

Any surgical procedure, including hernia surgery, has inherent risks and complications, including adverse reaction to general anesthesia, infection, bleeding or unfavorable scar formation. Fortunately, major hernia surgery complications are rare, especially because it is the most commonly performed general surgery operation, with more than one million procedures done per year.

Notably, hernia repair surgery has a much lower complication rate than having an untreated hernia. Complications from an untreated hernia can potentially result in death, as the intestines become strangled and require emergency surgery. The longer a person waits before addressing their hernia, the higher their risk of hernia complications.

meshoma-hernia-complications   meshoma-02-hernia-complications

Meshoma from Prolene Hernia System mesh                                        Meshoma from Perfix Plug and Patch mesh

Hernia Repair Risks and Complications

Common hernia surgery complications include:

  • Recurrent hernia. This may be a complication in one to ten out of 100 hernia repair surgery, but the user of mesh to repair the site of the weak muscles decreases this likelihood by about 50 percent. To reduce this risk, patients must control modifiable risk factors, including chronic cough, constipation, smoking and obesity. Those most at risk for recurrent hernias include those with rare collagen disorders or those who have careers increasing pressure in the abdominal region, such as athletic endeavors or playing musical instruments.
  • Hernia mesh complications. While using mesh to cover the site of a hernia reduces the risk of hernia recurrence versus not using mesh; how and where mesh is placed plays an important role in determining hernia recurrence risk. Mesh complications may include wound infection in <1% of patients, however, this risk is higher for those who smoke or are obese.
  • Chronic, persistent postoperative pain. This may occur in the groin or thigh, and may coincide with numbness.
  • Damage to the femoral artery or vein, which is a risk for femoral hernia surgery (most commonly performed in women).
  • Male infertility. This is an extremely rare complication, but may occur if there has been damage to the vas deferens (the cored carrying sperm from the testicles to the penis).

Consult a Hernia Specialist

If you are concerned about the potential risks and complications of hernia surgery, it would be wise to do your homework and choose a hernia specialist such as Dr. Shirin Towfigh of Beverly Hills Hernia Center. As the only West Coast hernia specialist and with double board certification, Dr. Towfigh is exceptionally qualified and has an extremely low complication rate from her patients. This rate is even lower due to the fact that Dr. Towfigh meticulously counsels her patients so they limit their modifiable risk factors. Before hernia surgery with Dr. Towfigh, all patients are informed of their specific and general risks, and sign forms indicating they are aware.

In cases where Dr. Towfigh knows you are at a higher risk for a particular complication, she will always recommend the procedure which is safest if you are prone to bleeding or some other possible risk. Hernia specialists such as Dr. Towfigh make it their goal to reduce any risks from hernia repair surgery, and Dr. Towfigh has the expertise to repair your hernia skillfully so you recover as quickly and virtually painlessly as possible.

To get in touch with Los Angeles hernia specialist renowned throughout Southern California and beyond, please call 310-358-5020 today or fill out our online contact form for further information. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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